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Heinz Sterzenbach: biografia

Curriculum Vitae of the artist

1941 Heinz Sterzenbach born in
Marialinden in Rheinisch-
Bergischer Kreis.
Influenced by his parents
(mother: musician, father: painter, teacher)
1958 - 1961 Apprenticeship as an electrician in a paper factory;
1961 - 1963 Technician /Electrotechnician ;
1963 - 1966 Engineer-studies in Cologne with Master`s degree in
engineering, Cologne
1966 - 1969 Working as an electric engineer
in Paris. In free time painting of landscapes in
oil on canvas and drawings of "Paris types"
1969 - 1972 Commercial and Technical manager in Berlin;
1972 Product manager in Düsseldorf;
1972 - 1976 Art- and Pedagogical studies at Pedagogic High School
in Berlin (PH, now HdK) with second degree of state;
1976 - 1998 Probationer, Professorship of French language;
1980 - 1998 Living and working as teacher (Art and French)
on the island Scharfenberg on Tegel Lake, Berlin.
Various travels to Italy, France, USA, Ireland,
Canariy Islands, Sinai, Egypt, Greece, Turkey,
Kenia, Sri Lanka, Russia, Scandinavia Coutries, Poland,
Brasil, Caribian Islands, etc;
1988 - 1992 Participation at the Cultural Workshops of the
"Bund Deutscher Kunsterzieher"(BDK)
("Association of German Art teachers") in Umbria / Italy
Since 1989 Collaboration with the Circle "Decentral Culture Work"
in Berlin-Reinickendorf
Since 1990 Collaboration and 2. chairman of the group
"Berliner Architekturmaler" ("Berlin Architectur art Painters")
Since 1991 Own Studio in the former tram depot of
Alt-Heiligensee 73-75
Since 2004 Own Studio and Gallery in the „Kunstzentrum Tegel-Süd“ (Art Center
Tegel-South), Neheimer Str. 54-60, 13505 Berlin
Since 1997 Gallery Sterzenbach Internet


1974-1994 Member of the "Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst" (NGBK) ("New Society of Art");
1974-2000 Member of the "Bund Deutscher Kunsterzieher" (BDK) ("Association of German Art teachers");
Since 1990 Member chairman of the group "Berliner Architekturmaler" (AG-BA) ("Berlin Architectur art Painters");
Since 1991 Honory Member of the "Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Kultur e.V. Berlin / Potsdam" (DGFK) ("German Society for Promotion of Culture Berlin / Potsdam");
Since 1992 Member of the "Verwertungsgesellschaft Bild-Kunst (VG-Bild) ("Society of Copy rights for images");
Since 1993 Member of the "Berufsverband Bildender Künstler(BBK) ("Professional Association of Artists");
Since 2005 Member of the Webists (Webism Group of Worldwide Artists);